Ball Chacott Prism 18,5cm col. Sugar Pink

Ball Chacott Prism 18,5cm col. Sugar Pink

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Competition ball Chacott .643. 18,5cm glitter for rhythmic gymnastics, color Pink.

Type Glitter
Color Sugar Pink
Diameter, cm 18.5

FIG Approved Outdated F.I.G marking
Material Rubber
Brand Chacott

Care measures:

  • Store and transport the ball only in the ball cover
  • Use the ball only on a specialised gymnastic carpet
  • Inflate the ball only with a hand pump of the same manufacturer
  • Before inflating the ball wet the needle in the ball Smoother (grease)
  • Do not inflate the ball more than the specified diameter
  • Do not store or transport the ball without air
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Wash the ball with warm soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth